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Episode 102 Be Perfect

In Matthew 5:48, Christ tells us to “be perfect.” Although I’ve never been stirred by talk of perfection, in this post I explain why this passage deeply inspires me.  Click on the link below to listen (14:29).


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2 thoughts on “Episode 102 Be Perfect

  1. I’ve always wondered how was it possible to Be Perfect in that scripture as we are not even close. I liked your explanation. You made it more clear to my understanding now.
    I liked the Future, Plural, and Indicative (what will be) meaning of the word “Be” and the word Perfect (telos) to be completely and fully what a thing is. Also how we are to BECOME merciful, compassionate, and kind, etc as God is.
    I’ve always known that not all are children of God per se, but you explained it well in that it is latent (waiting to be a child of God.) interesting.

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