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Episode 104 The Lens

In his Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 6, Paragraph 1, John Calvin introduces the idea that the scriptures serve as a lens through which Christians view the world. Although that imagery is useful, I argue that it is simplistic. As Christ shows in Matthew 5, he himself is the lens through which we ought to view all the rest of the scriptures. Click on the link below to listen (15:00).


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2 thoughts on “Episode 104 The Lens

  1. Hi Ron,
    In listening to your sermon on The Lens, I really agreed with you about how we are to follow Jesus’ teachings and mimic Him rather than mimicking Paul. I understand that Paul said he mimics Jesus, but Paul is afterall a man who is not perfect, where Jesus Christ had no sin.
    I personally believe that the lens we look through should be through the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit reveals Gods Word and truths to our spirits. Is that kind of what you believe as well?
    Thanks for posting these sermons. They are very good and thought provoking.

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