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An Urgent Invitation


Earlier today I was the guest preacher at Keeler United Methodist Church, a beautiful old country church just east of St. Joseph, Michigan. The structure is over 170 years old, and as soon as you walk into the sanctuary, your gaze is directed toward Christ in the garden, praying.

IMG_0153 (2)

I especially like the fact that the person who is preaching sees another image — one that reminds us to feed his sheep. You might have to look closely to see the picture between the two windows in the back, but it was much more visible for me. It was an honor to preach in such a lovely setting, and the One of whom I spoke seemed very close indeed.


My sermon was entitled, “An Urgent Invitation.” My text was Luke 9:57-62. I talked about what it means to follow Jesus today, and I presented some mental snapshots of what our lives will look like if we’re truly doing that.

Click the link below to listen (25 min).



Episode 79 Through the Sea

If Christ is “the Way,” can we say anything in practical terms about where that Way will lead us?  Here is a brief meditation on Psalm 77:19 (NRSV) with that question in mind.  Click on the link below to listen (4:43).

Episode 0079 Through the Sea

Episode 78 The Resurrection and the Life

Today is Resurrection Sunday, and I will let the Risen Christ speak for himself.  Click on the link to listen (1:12).

Episode 0078 Resurrection

Episode 77 The Way

As the Lenten season nears completion, we are ready to move beyond the question, “How can we know the way?”  Click on the link below to listen (4:28).

Episode 0077 The Way

Episode 76 What Are We Doing?

Are we doing what Jesus said to do? Click on the link below to listen (3:13).

Episode 0076 What Doing

Episode 75 What Do We Want?

From the story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) comes this question: What do we want Jesus to do for us this Lenten season?  Click on the link below to listen (4:37).

Episode 0075 What We Want

Episode 74 What Are We Hearing?

Jesus never asked anybody to write down his words.  He chose apostles who couldn’t be expected to codify his teachings or explain the theology behind them.  And yet he believed in our ability, centuries later, to hear and understand.  Click on the link below to listen (5:05):

Episode 0074 Hearing

Episode 73 Where Are We Going?

Where is Christ leading us this Lenten season?  The question is of supreme importance.  Click on the link below to listen (3:16).

Episode 0073 Quo Vadis

Episode 72 What Are We Focused On?

In the Parable of the Two Who Went to the Temple to Pray (Luke 18:9-14), Christ asks us to consider what we’re focusing on this Lenten season.  Click on the link below to listen (6:51).

Episode 0072 Focusing On

Episode 49 Finding and Seeking

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from A.W. Tozer’s 1948 classic, The Pursuit of God. It’s about the paradox of seeking a God whom we have already found.  Click on the link below to listen (4:30).

Episode 0049 Finding and Seeking

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